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©2020 equalisation

my love

featuring rdt and erik strauss

Usually when love songs are written they're about people. Not this track! My Love celebrates the passion for creating music and the thousands of hours work that go into it

Released as an EP it also includes two remixes of producers we have really enjoyed listening to. The first is Italian dj/producer Erik Strauss from Venice whose brilliantly atmospheric latest album is here on spotify

The second remix is by Canadian producer RDT from Ottawa. His current album is full of carefully and cleverly crafted synth tracks. Listen here on spotify

My Love is out on 3 April 2020 and can be presaved here:

rdt mix

equalisation mix

erik strauss mix


felix new

When we first heard Felix New sing we couldn't understand why he hasn't been snapped up by a major record label. Not only does he have a beautifully expressive singing voice, he is a prolific writer of excellent songs

We began to work with Felix on a first track My Own Way and it soon became apparent there was a great creative spark so listen out for a future collaboration

Expect to hear much more music from Felix New in 2020 and in the meantime you can listen to his extensive catalogue of great songs on spotify

The track is out now. Stream/download here:

forever european

The UK may have decided to leave the EU but that will never stop us from being Europeans at heart

Equalisation is heavily influenced by the electronic music that was coming out of Europe from the mid 1970's and this track celebrates both that and being European

We have asked a number of European artists from different corners of the continent to do a version of the track in their own style


The tracks will be released as an EP lin early summer 2020


with the static dive

Plateau is a collaboration with upper state New Yorker Bob Smith, the driving force behind The Static Dive


As well as being an accomplished musician, writer and producer, Bob writes a music blog promoting new and up and coming artists

We have started working on a full album with Bob and will be taking part in a podcast tracking the progress of the album. More details to follow

Watch the video on youtube or stream on spotify

More from Bob at

know how


remixed by Báhkin

Late last year we held a competition to find an artist to remix one of our tracks Know How. We had some great entries from all over the world and the standard was very high

However there was one standout mix from Norwegian artist Báhkin who fused hypnotic melodies into the track with some great moments of stereo percussion. Báhkin is definitely one to watch

Hear more from Báhkin on spotify