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©2019 equalisation

my love


We are launching a competition to find a female producer/re-mixer for our forthcoming March release


The Prize for the winner is $100 and a 50/50 split of royalties. The track will also be released on all platforms and promoted on social media

The original version can be listened to on soundcloud


You can find more details here:

Congratulations to Báhkin from Norway for winning our previous remix competition with his brilliant work on the track


It is out now on all platforms from. You can stream or download it following the link below

know how


with the static dive

Plateau is a collaboration with upper state New Yorker Bob Smith who is the driving force behing The Static Dive


As well as being an accomplished musician, writer and producer, he writes a music blog promoting new and up and coming artists

This is our February release available from the 7th

We are also working on other material


Fresh out of the studio this is our May release which we have shared on soundcloud

This track goes to the very core of Tim Pitt's musical influences


'If Moroder or Vangelis had never existed, this track could never have been made. They are two of my favourite artist/producers down all the years; they were some of the originators who have inspired electronic music since' 


with sean taylor

This track was created around the brilliant song and vocals of blues singer/songwriter and musician Sean Taylor. Lampedusa will be included on our debut album out March 2020